IFA Retirement

Are you an IFA looking to retire and still generate an income from your client bank?

Ingard IFM LLP are looking to forge relationships with financial advisers wishing to retire and still generate a regular income from their client bank on an ongoing basis. Most financial advisers work extremely hard over a number of years to build a loyal client base, only to either give this away or alternatively sell it for a small one off payment at retirement which provides scant reward for all those years of effort.

At Ingard IFM LLP, we can offer you a regular ongoing income, not just based on any recurring income, but also on future business generated and first generation referrals. Therefore, you can continue to enjoy the success your efforts deserve, not nothing or a one off payment, often with part of the payment held back and contingent on future events outside of your control.

If you would like to look at whether this could be an option for you, in the first instance please contact:

Ian Osang – Partner Ingard IFM LLP
Direct line: 020 8925 4619
Email: i.osang@ingardifm.co.uk

Or complete our enquiry form.